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Format: cd
Artist: Centrozoon
CatNo: bshed0202
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Centrozoon Cult of Bibbiboo Unsung cd

Centrozoon's third album is by far their most ambitious and experimental to date. Fusing looped Soundscapes, critical beats and grand orchestral compositional structures, tco:b is the missing link between Fripp, Stockhausen and Boards Of Canada. Beautifully packaged and replete with surreal sleeve notes from King Crimson biographer Sid Smith, tco:b is a future New Music classic.

the golden lamb (parts 1-3)
healing the land
all the time it is using us
the cult of: bibbiboo
deliverance/the divine beast
Markus Reuter   Touch Guitar + Loops
Bernhard Wöstheinrich  Synthesizer + Percussion
All tracks by Reuter/Wöstheinrich