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The Resonance Association MP3 Heliopause
'Heliopause' is the fourth album by The Resonance Association, following in the footsteps of 'Failure Of The Grand Design' (Burning Shed, 2007), 'We Still Have The Stars' (mrsvee, 2008) and 'Clarity In Darkness' (mrsvee, 2010).
It was recorded between May 2010 and May 2011, at various locations throughout England: in lofts, studios, living rooms, hotel rooms, train stations and Royal Parks.
This exclusive digital bundle includes "Heliopause Sessions": an additional 38 minutes of bonus material documenting the creation of this extraordinary album.
1. Heliopause Part One (04:42)
2. Heliopause Part Two (09:19)
3. Face The Eschaton (05:23)
4. Momentum (02:49)
5. Another Place (04:30)
6. Memory Fade To Silver (07:04)
7. (by the light of the moon) (01:39)
8. Midnight Square (06:49)
9. Methods Of Control (04:09)
10. (passive waves) (01:40)
11. Penultimate Dream Sequence (06:18)
12. Single Point of Failure (08:22)
13. Departing (07:56)
14. Heliopause Part Three (02:49)
1. Above Beyond And Forever (05:29)
2. Passive Waves (06:57)
3. This The Dream (02:40)
4. Departing (12:44)
5. Final Space Transmission (10:52)
Written, recorded, destroyed and resurrected by The Resonance Association: Daniel Vincent and Dominic Hemy
Additional invocation of the dark arts by MJ Strange
Produced by Daniel Vincent
Mixed and mastered by MJ Strange (
Heliopause Sessions recorded and mixed by Daniel Vincent
Photography by Daniel Vincent using prehistoric cameras and dusty old film
Art direction by Carl Glover for Aleph Studio (