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Format: cd
Artist: Sand Snowman
CatNo: CDTF118
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The World is Not Worth It Sand Snowman CD


The World's Not Worth It sees Sand Snowman working with a handpicked cast of collaborators, including long-time muse Moonswift, Steven Wilson, Eden House vocalist Amandine Ferrari and Use Of Ashes guitarist Maarten Scherrenburg (on drums).
Folk, Ambient, Progressive Rock and Chamber Classical collide on this blissful release.
Limited to 500 copies this double CD version comes in a Japanese style gatefold vinyl replica format with the exclusive bonus album Vanished Chapters.


Disc 1 - The World's Not Worth It:
1. Samhian Rain - Arise 
2. Ice And Rainbows 
3. Under The Stares 
4. A Life Rehearsed 
5. Regal Season 
6. Events In A Skyline 
7. The Rebel's Rulebook 
Disc 2 - Vanished Chapters: 
1. Transfigured Forest 
2. System Failure 
3. Elemental Temple 
4. A Room In South London 
5. Afternoon And Afterthought 
6. No Goodbye 
7. Vanished Chapters 
8. The Melancholy Of Departure