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Format: cd
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMACD1015
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Ozric Tentacles Technicians Of The Sacred cd
Combining atmospheric electronics, insistent grooves, virtuoso soloing, stirring melodies and diverse World Music influences, Technicians Of The Sacred is the 2015 studio release from the still unclassifiable Ozric Tentacles.
Comprising eleven pieces, with over ninety minutes of music, Technicians Of The Sacred is the band's first studio outing since 2011's Paper Monkey's and its first double album since the classic Erpland in 1990.
Tracks such as Switchback, Rubbing Shoulders With The Infinite and Butterfly Garden are thrilling examples of the Ozrics musical art, containing pulsating rhythms, blissed-out grooves and an overriding melodic sensibility.
A double cd edition in an 8 panel digipak.
CD 1:
1. The High Pass [8:23]
2. Butterfly Garden [5:04]
3. Far Memory [7:10]
4. Changa Masala [6:04]
5. Zingbong [8:26]
6. Switchback [10:11]
CD 2:
1. Epiphlioy [11:49]
2. The Unusual Village [6:20]
3. Smiling Potion [7:12]
4. Rubbing Shoulders With The Absolute [8:36]
5. Zenlike Creature [9:54]