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Format: CD
Artist: The Fierce And The Dead
CatNo: BEM002
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The Fierce And The Dead Spooky Action CD


The 2013 album by The Fierce And The Dead, Spooky Action is a blend of edgy guitars, savage beats and intense melodies.
 "Songs about cults, quantum physics and absent friends" is how the band themselves describe the album.
Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey) adds brass to two tracks and Sarah Gill (Madam) contributes cello.
This is The Fierce And The Dead's second full-length album, and their first with Bad Elephant Music.


1. Part 4 (3:32)
2. Ark (4:03)
3. Let's Start A Cult (3:35)
4. Pyramid Hat (3:10)
5. I Like It, I'm Into It (4:06)
6. Intermission 3 (2:39)
7. Spooky Action (3:16)
8. And The Bandit (4:42)
9. Entropy (2:56)
10. Part 5 (1:50)
11. Chief (6:03)

Matt Stevens: Guitar, Loops, Percussion 

Steve Cleaton: Guitar, Percussion

Kev Feazey: Bass, Synth, Percussion

Stuart Marshall: Drums, Percussion

Terry Edwards: Saxaphone, Trumpet

Sarah Gill: Cello


Written by The Fierce And The Dead

Recorded by K. Feazey at Farheath Studios and Antfarm Studios

Mixed by K. Feazey Mastered by Dominique Brethes at Flow Mastering

Artwork by Paul Hickman