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Face is a 2017 release from Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter. 

Housed in a surreal cover featuring artwork by Tool’s Adam Jones, Face consists of a 35 minute-long instrumental rich in detail and panoramic in scope. 

Boasting sixteen guest contributors, including Steven Wilson (on ‘vocal chords'), David Lynch collaborator Chrysta Bell, The Rembrandts’ Danny Wilde, Tim Motzer and Luca Calbrese, Face was nine years in the making. 

Combining the duo's trademark experimental approach with echoes of Mike Oldfield’s melodicism, King Crimson's complexity, Chris Squire's storming bass and Pink Floyd's languid soloing, the link to an epic Progressive Rock vocabulary is unmistakable.

CD in special high-size digipak.

1. Face (35.11)