Performed by the prestigious Matangi Quartet and recorded by award-winning producer Dirk Fischer, Heartland is Markus Reuter's first string quartet and sees Reuter further explore his composing technique to create a sonic language that will surprise even long-standing fans.
A journey to the borders of melody and harmony: Driving, sensual, serene and moving.
Deluxe CD-Edition in slipcase with a 44-page booklet featuring expansive liner notes, exclusive photography and contributions by Tony Levin and Frank Schätzing.
1. Boon (5’07”)                         
2. X has taken a shine to you (7’56”)
3. Netcong 63 (4’29”)             
4. Dwell on a Star (5’46”)
5. The Tragic Universe (4’25”)                         
6. Zauberberg (10’31”)
7. Heartland Bleeds (5’38”)
8. The Magic Universe (9’25”)