Price: £12.75
Format: CD
Artist: Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One
CatNo: 19439983332
On 2010’s Victims of the Modern Age, Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One reunite the stellar cast of lead vocalists from the debut release Space Metal (2002): Russell Allen (Symphony X), Damian Wilson (Headspace, Threshold), Floor Jansen (ReVamp, ex-After Forever), and Dan Swanö (Nightingale, Second Sky, ex-Edge Of Sanity). 
Arjen plays the rhythm guitars, Hammond organ, Mellotron, Solina strings and analog synths. Ed Warby (Ayreon, Hail of Bullets, Gorefest), Peter Vink, Joost van den Broek, Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery), Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Full Force, Silent Memorial), Rodney Blaze, and former Black Sabbath front man Tony Martin also appear.
Limited 2CD in digipak edition.
1. Down the Rabbit Hole 00:01:20 
2. Digital Rain 00:06:23 
3. Earth that Was 00:06:08 
4. Victim of the Modern Age 00:06:27 
5. Human See, Human Do 00:05:14 
6. 24 Hours 00:07:20 
7. Cassandra Complex 00:05:24 
8. It’s Alive, She’s Alive, We’re Alive 00:05:07 
9. It All Ends Here 00:09:46 
CD2 Bonus Tracks
1. As the Crow Dies 00:04:42 
2. Two plus Two Equals Five 00:05:04 
3. Lastday 00:04:46 
4. Closer to the Stars 00:05:11 
5. Knife Edge 00:04:25