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Format: CD
Artist: ARC
CatNo: DiN53
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ARC Fleet Berlin School Ambient Electronica cd
Recorded direct to multitrack at the E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in Halesworth, Suffolk on 13th May 2017, Fleet is the seventh concert album by the duo of Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve
On returning to the studio, Mark Shreeve mixed and mastered the resulting performance to produce a stunning album that preserved all the dynamics of ARC's live shows, while adding rich sonic details. 
The album's seven tracks span 78 minutes of brilliant Electronica as Mellotrons meet sequencers and contemporary Ambient meets classic Berlin School experiments on another fine ARC outing.

1. Fleet (8:39)

2. Soar (8:38)

3. Surge (12:23)

4. Escape (8:07)

5. Crux (14:00)

6. Runner (12:02)

7. Howl (10:44)