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Format: CD
Artist: Anekdoten
CatNo: VIRTA001
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Anekdoten Vemod cd
Anekdoten's debut from 1993. 
Vemod shows the band a little rougher, more Gothic in tone, and less tonally subtle than in later years, but compelling nonetheless. 
From the crashing bass and Mellotron in the opening track Karelia, it's clear that the spirit of King Crimson reigns over this work.
1. Karelia (7:20) 
2. The Old Man and the Sea (7:50) 
3. Where Solitude Remains (7:20) 
4. Thought in Absence (4:10) 
5. The Flow (6:58) 
6. Longing (4:50) 
7. Wheel (7:52)