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Format: vinyl
Artist: Anekdoten
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Anekdoten Nucleus vinyl
Anekdoten's second album from 1995. 
Nucleus was an uncompromising, grungy and distorted affair. Some found it too heavy and extreme, while others found the album to be a major leap forward for the band. Regardless, Nucleus confirmed the Anekdoten's status within the Prog community and is considered a cult album by many of the band's fans.
This is the remastered edition with bonus track and enhanced packaging from 2004.
Limited edition 20th Anniversary vinyl version. Numbered in gatefold and with poster.
Side 1:
1. Nucleus (5:08) 
2. Harvest (6:58) 
3. Book of Hours (9:58) 
4. Raft (0:58) 
5. Rubankh (3:07)
Side 2:
1. Here (7:23) 
2. This Far From The Sky (8:47) 
3. In Freedom (6:27)