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Geoff Mann Twelfth Night Andrew Wild His Love Book
His Love takes a fresh and detailed look at Geoff Mann's life, from his childhood in Manchester through his student years in Reading, his time as a professional artist, his two tumultuous years with Twelfth Night and his fascinating solo musical output.
Limited edition hardback, signed by the author. 
All purchases include a CD including specially chosen tracks from Geoff’s post-Twelfth Night albums, a couple of TN rarities, and some recently discovered solo demos which have never been heard publicly before.
Geoff Mann was many things: artist, poet, playwright, singer, actor, songwriter, self-confessed ‘wobbly’ musician, husband, father, curate and vicar.
Often irreverent, never compromising, Geoff packed more into his thirty-six years than most do in three-score and ten. He released fifteen albums, performed hundreds of concerts, including the Reading and Greenbelt festivals, exhibited his art at ten galleries and cared both for his family and his church members.
This official biography - written with the full cooperation of the Mann family - looks at Geoff's life, from his childhood in Manchester through his student years in Reading, his time as a professional artist, and the two tumultuous years with Twelfth Night. Also covered is his subsequent musical career, including The Bond, Eh! Geoff Mann Band and his collaborations with Marc Catley and Clive Nolan. Geoff also appeared in several gospel musicals, produced several releases for other artists and wrote a play which was produced at the Edinburgh Festival.
His Love describes Geoff’s sudden and unexpected conversion to Christianity, his subsequent calling to be a vicar, his impact as a curate, and his resilience and humour in the face of a terminal illness. The book also celebrates Geoff’s continuing influence and includes unpublished poems, unseen photographs and the recollections of his closest friends, bandmates and musical peers.
Andrew Wild is the author of the official biographies of Twelfth Night (2009) and Galahad (2013), along with sixteen other books about music, film and comics.