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Format: CD
Artist: Andrew Keeling
CatNo: SRS109
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Andrew Keeling Spiritus cd
Spiritus is a collection of four major pieces from Andrew Keeling's Classical repertoire that focuses on the  more lyrical and spiritual aspects of his work
O Ignis Spiritus is based on the transcendent works of Hildegard of Bingen and is performed by the internationally acclaimed Hilliard Ensemble (Jan Garbarek etc).
Andrew Keeling is also known as the leader of the band Otherworld, and has collaborated with the likes of Robert Fripp, Evelyn Glennie, David Cross, Tim Bowness and Stephen Fellows (Comsat Angels) amongst others.
01 Unquiet Earth i) Alla Fantasia (9.42)
02 Unquiet Earth ii) Alla Danza (11.43)
Performed by Piano Trio / The Valen Trio
03 O Ignis Spiritus (11.15)
Performed by The Hilliard Ensemble
04 Piano Quartet from Reclaiming Eros (16.32)
Performed by The Stor Quartet
05 Blue Dawn i) Caella (6.46)
06 Blue Dawn ii) The House of Eros (5.29)
07 Blue Dawn iii) Kindertotenlied (4.23)
08 Blue Dawn iv) Mana (1.36)
09 Blue Dawn v) Hymn Blue Dawn (4.48)
10 Blue Dawn vi) Forget me Not (4.03)
Performed by Steven Wray