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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: KSCOPE1017
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Anathema Internal Landscapes Best Of Daniel Cavanagh 2LP
Curated by the band, Internal Landscapes showcases the best work from Anathema's output on Kscope since 2008 and features the favourites Thin Air, Untouchable, Dreaming Light and Springfield.
Double vinyl in gatefold, including sleeve notes written by songwriter Daniel Cavanagh and artwork by Travis Smith.
"Another masterclass in supercharged emotional songwriting and fearless sonic curiosity.” - The Guardian
For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.
Side A
1. Anathema 
2. Untouchable part 1 
3. Untouchable part 2
Side B
1. Thin Air
2. Ariel
3. Can't Let Go
Side C
1. Dreaming Light
2. Are You There?
3. J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4. Leaving It Behind
Side D
1. Springfield
2. Distant Satellites
3. Internal Landscapes
Total running time: 77 minutes