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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: VILELP1091
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Anathema Alternative_4 Marble_vinyl Peaceville
Released to celebrate 25 years since its release, a limited marble-effect vinyl edition of Anathema’s evocative and atmospheric fourth studio album, Alternative 4
Anathema formed in Liverpool in 1990, initially under the name of Pagan Angel & grew from a heavy doom/death metal style act into a more progressive & melodic group, blending rock elements with strong atmospherics inspired by classic acts such as Pink Floyd & Radiohead. The band signed with Peaceville Records after recording the ‘All Faith Is Lost’ demo in 1991, and is known for being part of the hallowed Peaceville doom metal trinity in the early 1990’s (alongside fellow UK bands Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride), with some highly influential releases in the early part of their long, esteemed career.
Released in 1998, Alternative 4, Anathema's fourth studio album, quickly became the band's best-selling and most highly regarded release to date. Containing evocative atmospheric passages and emotional Rock anthems, Alternative 4 represented a giant progression from the band's previous work and hinted at the massive changes to come. Displaying a more mature sound than the band's earlier recordings, this is the album that gave birth to the more conceptual approach, which the band took further on such albums as a A Fine Day To Exit, A Natural Disaster and beyond, leading up to some of their most revered work under the kscope label.
1 Shroud Of False
2 Fragile Dreams
3 Empty
4 Lost Control
5 Re-Connect
6 Inner Silence
1 Alternative 4
2 Regret
3 Feel
4 Destiny