Price: £19.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Also Eden
CatNo: PLG024-S
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Also Eden Redacted vinyl
Also Eden's 2013 release given the Plane Groovy label heavyweight vinyl treatment.
'[REDACTED] is a brilliant mix of foreground crunch and a deft layering of nuanced sonic detail which stretches back into the distance. It gives great depth to their sound and full disclosure to their talent." 
Classic Rock Presents Prog
'On paper, you can hear AE's influences, a little Genesis, a little Marillion, a little Radiohead. On disc though, one of AE's charms is their unique sound. ' - Mitchgo, Prog Archives
Signed by the band
1. Red River
2. Endless Silence
3. Distortion Field
4. A Lonely Idea
5. Chronologic
6. The Test
7. Extend & Embrace
8. Decoded