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Artist: Alistair Murphy
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Alistair Murphy mp3 download Passing

A collection of songs dealing with the effects of the passing of time, relationships and ultimately lives. Mostly in a slower tempo and a minor key, much of the music is played by Alistair Murphy but has contributions from most of the Half Life 'collective'. Highlights include "Courtiers", looking at the 'Cult of Personality' of modern life - the need for many people to define their lives in the lives of celebrities and heroes. "On the Tide", an atmospheric song of loss, with echoes perhaps, (don?t say it too loud!) of the Moody Blues. "Your Name", a final return to the subject of many a Halflife song, the 80s, viewed from the calmer waters of the 00s.

1. Courtiers (5.13)
2. Waiting (and Yet) (2.14)
3. Winter's Wolf (3.55)
4. Let Me Be The Answer (3.59)
5. Warmth On My Pillow (3.30)
6. Your Name (4.05)
7. Jigsaw (5.40)
8. Life Goes On (2.30)
9. Wild Horses (5.26)
10. Holding Out For More (2.55)
11. On The Tide (4.07)
12. Each Door Must Close (2.27)
Alistair Murphy : Vocals, Keyboards & Guitars
Mark Fletcher : Bass
Jeremy Salmon : Guitars & Drums
Laurie A'Court : Saxes
Diana Hare : Vocals
Jim Halsall : Harmonica
Recorded and Produced by Alistair Murphy