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Artist: Alias Grace
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cd-r alias grace storm blue evening
Featuring hauntingly melancholy songs adorned with constantly shifting atmospheric arrangements, Alias Grace's second album 'Storm Blue Evening' develops further the intimate and beguiling nature of their charmed debut album and captures perfectly the maturing writing style of Irish singer-songwriter Sandra O'Neill and multi-instrumentalist Peter Chilvers. The album also features cameo appearances from Myke Clifford, Mike Bearpark and Tim Bowness.
1. Feel the Hush (Lyrics - O'Neill, Music - O'Neill / Chilvers) 
2. Beyond the Blue (Music & Lyrics - O'Neill, Coda - O'Neill / Gay / Chilvers) 
3. Hallowed Ground (Music and Lyrics - Chilvers / Trad.) 
4. Chaos (Music and Lyrics - O'Neill) 
5. Wild (Music O'Neill, Lyrics O'Neill / Chilvers) 
6. Nightshift (Lyrics Chilvers, Music Chilvers / O'Neill) 
7. If I Could (Lyrics Chilvers, Music Chilvers / O'Neill, Intro - Chilvers / Jackson)
8. Fine Lines (Music and Lyrics - O'Neill) 
9. Pieces (Lyrics - Chilvers, Music - Chilvers / O'Neill) 
10. It (Lyrics - Chilvers, Music - Chilvers / O'Neill) 
11. Still Life (Music and Lyrics - Chilvers)
Sandra O'Neill
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (Chaos) 
Peter Chilvers
Piano, Fretless Bass, Electric Guitar (Pieces, It),  Chapman Stick (Feel the Hush, Still Life) 
Mike Bearpark
Electric Guitars (Fine Lines) 
Tim Bowness
Additional Vocals (Fine Lines) 
Myke Clifford
Saxophones (Chaos, Nightshift, If I Could),  Whistle (Hallowed Ground), Djembe (Still Life)
Peter Gay
 'Cellos (Beyond the Blue, Still Life) 
Rob Jackson
Guitars (Beyond the Blue, Nightshift, If I Could, Still Life) 
Arranged by Alias Grace
Produced and Mixed by Peter Chilvers