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Format: CD
Artist: Alberto Rigoni
CatNo: 0633710123983
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Alberto Rigoni Songs For Souls CD Jordan Rudess

Alberto Rigoni's touching 2021 musical tribute to his scientist father.


"Considering the hard times, I was going to give up with music, but suddenly my father passed on October 15 2021. I decided to make an album in his memory. It's fully instrumental, 10 tracks spanning from prog rock to ambient/cinematographic, and features with some incredible special guests such as Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) and many many more." - Alberto Rigoni


CD in trifold digipak with 6 page booklet.

1. The Miracle
2. L'Origin du Monde (ft. Jordan Rudess and Mark Zonder)
3. Youth (ft. Jennifer Batten and M. Zonder)
4. Talking with My Demons (ft. Alessandro Bertoni and M. Zonder)
5. Suddenly (ft. A. Bertoni and M. Zonder)
6. The Battle (ft. Tommaso Ermolli and M. Zonder)
7. Silence
8. Keep on Fighting (ft. Edoardo Taddei, M. Zonder)
9. Peaceful Acceptance (ft. T. Ermolli)
10. Souls Never Die (ft. Marco Sfogli, Fabrizio Leo, A. Bertoni, M. Zonder)