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Format: CD
Artist: Alan Williams
CatNo: BlueGentian012
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Alan Williams Currents CD Birdsong At Morning
Currents is the astonishing 2022 solo album from Birdsong At Morning leader, Alan Williams.

Created during a time of tremendous social upheaval, some of the songs address power as both systemic and as random disturbance. But at the core of them all lie the very real impact of those forces on individual lives, the external shaping the internal, the weariness that slowly erodes joy. Yet, after all the chaos attributed to difference, it is emotion that best illustrates our commonality, 'to see the me in you and the you in me.'"

1. Think of the Night 4:02
2. For My Heaven 5:57
3. Giving You a Warning 3:26
4. Love You To 6:01
5. Fall From the Sky 3:56
6. Season of the Lottery 6:02
7. Before I Wake Up 6:02
8. Currents 7:22
9. Keeping Time 4:21
Produced and mixed by Alan Williams
Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering