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Format: cd
Artist: Airbag
CatNo: KAR046CD
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cd airbag identity
Norwegian band Airbag create a uniquely Scandinavian fusion of contemporary Progressive Rock edge, Art Pop emotionalism and Post Rock atmospherics.
Taking inspiration from the likes of Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Talk Talk, Coldplay and No-Man, the band's debut release, Identity from 2009, combined cinematic soundscapes, epic guitar grandeur and sweetly soulful melodies to produce an astonishingly assured first statement.
'Prog at its most chilled, honeyed and soothing.' - Classic Rock
1. Prelude (5:11)
2. No Escape (5:45)
3. Safe Like You (7:58)
4. Steal My Soul (8:01)
5. Feeling Less (5:05)
6. Colours (8:07)
7. How I Wanna Be (7:04)
8. Sounds That I Hear (7:25)