Price: £33.50
Format: vinyl
Artist: Airbag
Availability: 19-06-2020
CatNo: KAR186CD-KAR186LP
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Airbag A Day At The Beach CD-Vinyl bundle Bjorn Riis
A bundle of both the CD and the black vinyl versions of A Day At The Beach by Airbag.
Comes with a postcard while stocks last.
Airbag’s 2020 conceptual outing A Day at the Beach features six new songs recorded during autumn and winter of 2019-20. 
Inspired by the resurgence of 1980s electronica, new wave and movie scores, Airbag has created a powerful sound combining ethereal soundscapes with the band's signature guitar driven Progressive Rock. 
CD. Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo.
Vinyl. Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo.

CD & Vinyl

1. Machines and Men

2. A Day at the Beach (Part 1)

3. Into the Unknown

4. Sunsets

5. A Day at the Beach (Part 2)

6. Megalomaniac