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Format: CD
Artist: Adam Holzman
CatNo: 819376012629
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Adam Holzman Truth Decay CD
Truth Decay is the first 'full band' release from Jazz Rock genius Adam Holzman since his joining the Steven Wilson band six years ago and features top New York musicians alongside British comrades from the SW band and other special guests.

In addition to blazing instrumental tracks, the album also features two songs, one co- written with Nick Beggs (who also performed the vocals), and a cover of A House Is Not A Motel, from Love's classic album Forever Changes (featuring vocals by Randy McStine).
An engaging fusion of Jazz, Rock and Prog styles, keyboardist Holzman is joined by Theo Travis, Mark Egan, Craig Blundell, Jane Getter, Steven Wilson, Laurence Cottle and others.
CD in a 6 panel 'eco-wallet' package.
1) Ectoplasm
2) Bella Capri
3) A House Is Not A Motel
4) Phobia
5) Good Luck With Your Music
6) Are You High?
7) Truth Decay
8) I Told You SoMark Egan, Jane Getter, Craig Blundell
9) Morphine Lollipop
10) You Knew
11) Picking Through The Wreckage
Adam Holzman: Keyboards
Nick Beggs: vocals and Chapman Stick
Craig Blundell: drums
Theo Travis: sax and flute
Laurence Cottle: fretless bass
Fred Cash: bass
Abe Fogle: drums
Steven Wilson: guitar
Mark Egan: bass
Jane Getter: guitar
Franz Hackl: trumpet and flugelhorn
Stefano Olivado: bass and harmonica
Davide Ragazzoni: drums
Ofer Assaf: sax