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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Abstract Concrete
CatNo: CON944LP
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Abstract_Concrete Abstract_Concrete Vinyl
A fantastically fresh new project from drummer/vocalist Charles Hayward (This Heat, Quiet Sun), that shows the Experimental Rock veteran remaining true to his core musical values, while subtly shoehorning them into the present.
Abstract Concrete also features Agathe Max on viola, Otto Willberg on bass, Roberto Sassi on guitar, and Yoni Silver on keyboards. 
By turns ambitious and playful, melodic and abrasive, the album is a late-period career highlight for one of the UK's most vital and endearingly eccentric artists.
Black vinyl in an O-card slipcase (die-cut with window, plus lyric booklet. Strictly limited to 500 copies.


1. Almost Touch (7.05)
2. This Echo (5.27)
3. Sad Bogbrush (3.44)
4. Ventriloquist/Dummy (5.01)
1. The Day the Earth Stood Still (14.57)
2. Tomorrow’s World (8.00)