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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Ulver
CatNo: KSCOPE238
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Ulver The Norwegian National Opera cd dvd
Taken from the band's landmark show at the Norwegian National Opera House in Oslo, this is a stunning concert from Norway's legendary purveyors of Dark Symphonic Art Rock.
Packaged in a double digi-pack, this new 'high definition' edition features the gig on both cd and dvd (NTSC Region 0).
1. Moon Piece
2. Eos
3. Let The Children Go
4. Little Blue Bird
5. Rock Massif Part 2
6. For The Love Of God
7. Operator
8. In The Red
9. England
10. Funebre
11. Hallways Of Always
12. Theme From Silence Teaches You How To Sing
13. A Cold Kiss (Porn Piece Part 2)
14. A Memorable Fancy (The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, Plates 16-17)
15. Like Music
16. Not Saved
17. Legs Piece