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Artist: Townes Van Zandt
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Townes Van Zandt The Nashville Sessions cd

For contractual reasons this release is not available for sale in North America.

In 1974, Townes Van Zandt recorded what would have been his seventh album, 'Seven Come Eleven'. Business issues prevented its release until the recordings surfaced two decades later as 'The Nashville Sessions'. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Van Zandt's turbulent musical career and launch of a major catalogue reissue programme, Charly has restored and re-mastered 'The Nashville Sessions' to present a stunning document of the folk-blues master at his absolute peak.
"These are songs that tap into the timeless myth of the American troubadour, a place where wandering souls tramp the byways of their homeland..."
Restored and digitally re-mastered from the original tapes provided by producer and manager Kevin Eggers.
Deluxe gatefold sleevepac with original Milton Glaser portrait cover.
12-page fully illustrated booklet.
Detailed sleeve notes by Uncut magazine journalist Rob Hughes.
Part of Charly's 50th anniversary programme celebrating the start of Van Zandt's career.
All original Poppy and Tomato albums which Townes Van Zandt recorded at the peak of his career will be newly re-mastered, restored and lavishly repackaged
The death of Townes Van Zandt in 1997 at age 52 robbed the world of a troubled genius as well as one of America's finest songwriters. While his albums never sold, his reputation and popularity has grown greater by the year inspiring books, a documentary and renewed interest from the media, passionately loyal fans and contemporaries such as Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Emmylou Harris who have covered his songs to the upper-reaches of the American charts.
"From Neil Young and Willie Nelson, Bono and Bob Dylan (who reportedly once said that Townes was "in some ways the better writer") to Tindersticks and Mudhoney, songwriters and musicians speak of Townes with reverence." MOJO MAGAZINE
"The Van Gogh of country music." GUY CLARK
"He was one of the best songwriters of his genre there is." STEVE SHELLEY, SONIC YOUTH
"He was the best songwriter and most riveting solo performer I've ever seen." STEVE EARLE
"An effortless masterclass in emotionally effecting American". RECORD COLLECTOR
"One of the most impressive songwriters to emerge in the 70's. His extensive catalogue is sufficiently consistent to be recommended in its entirety." ALL MUSIC GUIDE


1. At My Window [03:44]
2. Rex's Blues [02:27]
3. No Place To Fall [02:33]
4. Buckskin Stallion Blues [02:59]
5. White Freight Liner Blues [03:16]
6. Snake Song [01:47]
7. Loretta [02:30]
8. Two Girls [03:07]
9. Spider Song [02:05]
10. When She Don't Need Me [02:16]
11. Pueblo Waltz [02:23]
12. Upon My Soul [01:51]