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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tony Banks
CatNo: ECLECLP2534
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Tony Banks The Fugitive vinyl
A facsimile vinyl edition of Tony Banks 1983 solo album.
The album featured contributions from Genesis live guitarist Daryl Stuermer, bassist Mo Foster and drummers Steve Gadd, Tony Beard and Andy Duncan. For the first time, Tony Banks sang lead vocals on all of the songs.
Remixed from the master tapes by Nick Davis and Tony Banks, this heavyweight vinyl (180g) version was cut at the legendary Abbey Road.
Side 1:
1. This Is Love (5:10) 
2. Man of Spells (3:46) 
3. And The Wheels Keep Turning (4:48) 
4. Say You'll Never Leave Me (4:32) 
5. Thirty Three's (4:42) 
Side 2:
1. By You (4:28) 
2. At the Edge of Night (6:03) 
3. Charm (5:26) 
4. Moving Under (6:01)