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Format: cd
Artist: Tiles
CatNo: IOMCD157
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Fence The Clear Special Edition Tiles CD


Buoyed by the success of their debut, Tiles fully indulged themselves with long song structures, heavy arrangements and varied instrumentation on their sophomore effort. 
The 15-minute Checkerboards quickly become a fan favourite with its mandolin introduction, driving instrumental sections and eclectic moods.
Terry Brown (Rush, Fates Warning) did the final mix and gave the album a powerful and expansive sound.
This remastered 2004 Special Edition version includes an expanded booklet, several demo bonus tracks and a re-recorded song from the Gene Simmons production deal era.
Signed by the band and producer Terry Brown.


1. Patterns (4:31) 
2. Beneath The Surface (5:00) 
3. Cactus Valley (6:58) 
4. Another's Hand (6:32) 
5. The Wading Pool (6:24) 
6. Gameshow (3:40) 
7. Fallen Pieces (1:25) 
8. Changing The Guard (7:18) 
9. Gabby's Happy Song (0:50) 
10. Checkerboards (14:43) 
Bonus tracks: 
11. Splinters Of Truth (0:50) 
12. No Failure (demo) (5:38)
13 Ballad Of The Sacred Cows (demo) (6:58)
14 Opportunity (5:56)

- Paul Rarick / vocals - Chris Herin / guitars - Jeff Whittle / bass - Mark Evans / drums