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Artist: Tiles
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Window Dressing Limited Edition Tiles CD


The new millennium found Tiles searching and experimenting. After several false starts, a host of abandoned ideas and a variety of personal challenges, Tiles finally emerged with Window Dressing in 2004. 
Revolving around the 17-minute title track, the band infused their hard rock approach with electronic loops, acoustic textures (mandolin, banjo, violin, parlor guitars), mellotron and orchestrations. 
Based on themes of misrepresentation and pretense, the lyrics travel a chronological path from the simplicity of youth through the complexities of relationships, communication and cultural trends.
Artist Hugh Syme's (Rush, Aerosmith, Megadeth) artwork offers an intriguing visual representation of the themes that highlights modern society's fixation with superficial values and style over substance.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Terry Brown (Rush, Max Webster, Fates Warning), Window Dressing received excellent reviews worldwide and was nominated for a 2005 Detroit Music Award. 
Special guests include Kim Mitchell (Max Webster) on guitar, Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) on violin and Hugh Syme on keyboards. 
The Special Edition includes a bonus disc of bootleg recordings (direct from the sound board) from the band's 1999 European tour with Dream Theater. 
Signed by the band and producer Terry Brown.


1. Window Dressing (17:11)
2. Remember To Forget (5:00) 
3. All She Knows (4:37)
4. Capture The Flag (8:58)
5. Tear-Water Tea (4:15)
6. Stop Gap (2:53)
7. Unicornicopia (5:10)
8. Paintings (4:41)
9. A.02 (1:14)
10. Slippers In The Snow (4:05)
11. Spindrift (9:25)
Bonus Disc:
1. Introduction
2. Patterns
3. Token Pledge
4. Static
5. Modification
6. Ballad Of The Sacred Cows
7. Facing Failure
8. Another's Hand


- Chris Herin / guitars
- Paul Rarick / vocals
- Jeff Whittle / bass
- Pat DeLeon / drums
Guest Musicians:
- Kim Mitchell / guitar on "Capture The Flag"
- Matthew Parmenter / violin on "Tear-Water Tea"
- Hugh Syme / keyboards on "Slippers In The Snow"