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Format: cd
Artist: Tiles
CatNo: IOMCD158
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Presents Of Mind Tiles CD

Tiles' third release from 1999 was a blend of adventurous songwriting, expansive arrangements and soaring melodies. 

Presents of Mind garnered praise from Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, with the latter taking the band to Europe to support the first leg of the band's Scenes from A Memory tour.  
Tiles experimented with additional keyboards, violin, improvisional sections, and lush vocal arrangements, while Terry Brown (Rush) delivered another stellar mix.  
This 2004 Special Edition features video content from the band's European tour with Dream Theater and several bonus tracks unreleased from the original Tiles recording sessions.
Signed by the band and producer Terry Brown.

1. Static (5:43)
2. Modification (3:42)
3. Crossing Swords (1:06)
4. Facing Failure (5:41)
5. The Learning Curve (4:40)
6. Ballad of the Sacred Cows (6:55)
7. The Sandtrap Jig (0:48)
8. Taking Control (5:12)
9. Safe Procedures (7:04)
10. Reasonable Doubt (11:22)

Bonus Tracks:
11. In The Corner (2:31)
12. Ambition (3:40)
13. Enhanced Element (video track)

- Pat DeLeon / drums, percussion, backing vocals - Chris Herin / electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, keyboards - Paul Rarick / lead and backing vocals - Jeff Whittle / bass guitar