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Format: cd
Artist: This Oceanic Feeling
CatNo: TOF-001
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This Oceanic Feeling Universal Mind cd
This Oceanic Feeling is a new trio featuring singer/songwriter and producer Chris Braide (The Producers/DBA etc), bass player Lee Pomeroy (It Bites/Headspace/Archive/Rick Wakeman) and feted session drummer Ash Soan.
The themed album features 12 songs about dualism and ego death, and features some brilliantly dynamic musicianship.
Combining strong melodies with meaningful lyrics, the album offers a cinematic sound that skirts the edges of Progressive, 1980s Art Pop and FM Rock.
1. Lie Detector
2. Put Down The Gun
3. Radio
4. Logotherapy
5. Universal Mind
6. Intensive Care
7. Wake Up
8. I Play Debussy
9. Johnny Tragic
10. Karma Camera
11. Season Of Light
12. Finale