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Format: CD
Artist: Third World War
CatNo: ECLEC2512
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Third World War Third World War expanded cd
A 2015 Esoteric label of the classic 1970 Third World War album.
Remastered from the original tapes, this edition includes two bonus tracks and features a booklet with restored artwork and an essay.
Retrospectively seen as a precursor to Punk, Terry Stamp and Jim Avery's band alternated between the brutal (Ascension Day, Preaching Violence) and lyrical (the opening section of the two part Stardom Road suite) to produce something out of time then and now.
1) Ascension Day (4:50)
2) M.I.5's Alive (8:07)
3) Teddy Teeth Goes Sailing (1:50)
4) Working Class Man (4:29)
5) Shepherds Bush Cowboy (4:35)
6) Stardom Road Part I (5:36)
7) Stardom Road Part II (3:43)
8) Get Out Of Bed You Dirty Red (1:24)
9) Preaching Violence (5:03)
Bonus tracks:
10. Ascension Day (single version)
11. A Little Bit Of Urban Rock