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Format: cd
Artist: Thieves Kitchen
CatNo: TKCD005
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Thieves Kitchen One for Sorrow Two for Joy CD
Thieves' Kitchen's fifth studio release is a sophisticated mixture of the old and the new, as mellotrons and hammonds collide with powerful guitar riffs and unusual Canterbury Prog harmonies fuse with Art Rock bite and ethereal Folk-tinged songcraft.
Joined by Sanguine Hum's former rhythm section and Anglagard's Anna Holmgren, the album was engineered by Rob Aubrey (IQ, Big Big Train) and represents the band's most cohesive statement to date.
Packaged in a special triplefold paper sleeve.
1. One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (0:16)
2. Deor (7:51)
3. Hypatia (8:56)
4. A Fool's Journey (8:19)
5. Germander Speedwell (14:32)
6. The Weaver (4:33)
7. Of Sparks and Spires (12:49)
Amy Darby (Vocals)
Phil Mercy (Guitars)
Thomas Johnson (Keyboards)
Paul Mallyon (Drums)
Brad Waissman (Bass)
Anna Holmgren (Flute)