Steve Hillage's live set at the Gong Family Unconvention in November 2006 provoked a rush of excitement and emotion at the event and was captured beautifully on audio and video.
Performing with Steve were his long-time musical partner Miquette Giraudy on synthesisers, and Gong members Mike Howlett and Chris Taylor. Also guesting was Basil Brooks on synthesiser, who played in Steve's band in the 1970s.
This CD version has 3 exclusive bonus tracks recorded live at Amsterdam's Sonesta Koepelkerk in 1979 and ends with a fascinating early version of one of Steve's 1975 Fish Rising classics performed - prior to its recording - with Gong.
1. Hello Dawn
2. It's All Too Much
3. Aftaglid
4. Solar Musick Suite
5. The Salmon Song
6. These Uncharted Lands
Bonus Live Tracks:
7. Palm Trees
8. Unzipping the Zype
9. Healing Feeling
10. Solar Musick Suite (early version with Gong)