A collection of songs, instrumentals and vocal narrative pieces accompanied by video sequences that enhance the mood and content of each track.  The audio has been recorded in 5.1 Surround Sound and is also stereo compatible.  Each track invokes the spirit of the Canterbury Sound, possessing the musical originality and multi-instrumental dexterity associated with the genre but leavened with large doses of humour and eccentricity.
Featuring a cameo appearance by Robert Wyatt.
1  It Goes Like This
2  Crumpet for Tea (Mandy Wake Up!)
3  A Weird Old Peaches (bonus track)
4  Tales from the Hat Box (Matt is Going Away)
5  The Unexpurgated Legend of Creation
6  Masters of the Balloonafon (I Lay Me Down in the Grotto - trad.)
7  Somewhere in America
8  The Delicate Art of Chopstick Balance
9  Locomotive Train
10 Street of Desire
All Selections MCPS/PRS
Mavernie Cunningham - vocals, bagpipes
Graham Flight - piano, bass, synths, space organ, balloonafon, vocals
Mick Grierson - guitar, bass, drums, harp, balloonafon
Justin Mitchell - trumpet, keyboards, accordion, balloonafon, vocals
Will Glanfield - alto sax, vocals
Robert Jarvis - trombone
Neil Sloman - tenor sax
Brian Hopper - tenor & soprano saxes, vocals
Matt Williamson - drums, guitar
Also guest appearances by
Robert Wyatt - trumpet
David Leahy - double bass
Video Actors - The Happy Accidents
Filming - Justin Mitchell & Emily Firmin
Mixing, Editing and Production - The Happy Accidents
Catalogue No. HAPAX001

The Happy Accidents are one of the few 'Canterbury' bands that are actually based in the Canterbury area and have been in existence for over 20 years being a musical collective consisting of around ten members.  Some of the members have come and gone with the varying formats that the band has adopted but there has always been a hard core that has provided the continuity - none more so than keyboard player and composer Graham Flight who in the 1960s was a one-time member of the original Canterbury band, The Wilde Flowers.  All the members play a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments and jointly contribute to the complex musical arrangements and theatrical arrangements that are a feature of their live appearances.