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Format: cd
Artist: The Dream Academy
CatNo: EDSK7074
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The Morning Lasted All Day The Dream Academy CD


Coming to prominence in the mid-1980s courtesy of the glorious Life In A Northern Town, The Dream Academy's inventive Art Pop possessed a distinctively bittersweet quality. 
Selected by Nick Laird-Cowes, this remastered double CD compilation contains five previously unreleased recordings, including a brand new song. 
The booklet includes track-by-track annotation from Laird-Clowes, along with an essay on the band. 
Many of the songs were co-produced with Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, who also plays guitar on several tracks. 


CD 1:
1. Life In A Northern Town
2. The Love Parade
3. The Edge Of Forever
4. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
5. Johnny (New Light)
6. In Places On The Run
7. Ballad In 4/4
8. Girl In A Million (For Edie Sedgwick)
9. Power To Believe
10. This World
11. Here
12. One Dream
CD 2:
1. Indian Summer
2. Lucy September
3. Hampstead Girl