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Format: cd
Artist: Steve Reich
CatNo: 0075597954708
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Radio Rewrite Steve Reich cd
Steve Reich's five part Radio Rewrite - recorded by Alarm Will Sound - references and uniquely reimagines two songs by Radiohead. 
The album also includes recordings of the transcendent Electric Counterpoint - performed by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood - and Piano Counterpoint (performed by by Bang On A Can's Vicky Chow).
1. Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast 
2. Electric Counterpoint: II. Slow
3. Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
4. Piano Counterpoint
5. Radio Rewrite: I. Fast
6. Radio Rewrite: II. Slow
7. Radio Rewrite: III. Fast
8. Radio Rewrite: IV. Slow
9. Radio Rewrite: V. Fast