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Format: CD
Artist: Silje Leirvik
CatNo: ARCD004
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Endless Serenade Silje Leirvik CD


Awash with lush atmospheres and bristling with energy, Endless Serenade comes a year after Leirvik's lauded debut.
As before, the album has been recorded and produced by Rhys Marsh.
Where the debut exhibited a more traditional singer-songwriter feel (featuring the organic tones of
grand piano and string section), this time Leirvik and Marsh decided to experiment more with textures - feeding pedal steel guitars, electric pianos and drum machines through tape delay machines, then blending this with drums (in many songs even using two drum kits in unison), mellotron and guitars. This results in the album having a very warm, retro feel, bathed in gorgeous overtones.
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1. Glass Of Water [6:20]
2. Silver & Gold [4:06]
3. Black Heart [3:37]
4. When In The Water [4:30] 
5. Leah's Song [4:02]
6. In The Garden [4:51]
7. And Then Love Came [3:57] 
8. Sno [4:30]
9. The Last Dance [5:19] 
10. Serenade [4:25]