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Format: CD
Artist: Rupert Hine
CatNo: ECLEC2485
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cd Rupert Hine Unshy On The Skyline


A compilation of material from legendary producer Rupert Hine's brilliant early 1980s trilogy.
Taking tracks from three albums recorded and released between 1981 and 1983, and featuring appearances from Phil Collins and Robert Palmer, the material shows Hine operating in a territory similar to that of Peter Gabriel (3 and 4 era) and Peter Hammill (Black Box/Sitting Targets period).
Re-mastered by acclaimed engineer Stephen W Tayler, (who engineered the original recordings), Unshy on the Skyline features a booklet with notes by Rupert Hine.


1. I Hang On To My Vertigo
2. The Set Up
3. Surface Tension
4. Samsara
5. The Curious Kind
6. Another Stranger
7. Dark Windows
8. Say No To The Picture-Phone
9. The Wildest Wish To Fly
10. No Yellow Heart
11. Firefly In The Night
12. One Man's Poison