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Format: cd
Artist: Roger Chapman
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Roger Chapman Chappo cd Kscope Madfish

Roger Chapman, a truly original singer, songwriter and performer is best known as a member of legendary proto-Progressives, Family.

In 1979, Roger Chapman launched his solo career with the acclaimed Chappo. 
Recorded at Startling Studios and produced by David Courtney, the album featured songs that that would become and still are Chapman-related fan favourites, including Moth To A Flame, the glorious Who Pulled The Night Down and the superb cover of Hang On To A Dream (Roger's homage to American songwriter Tim Hardin). 
This 2015 Madfish label edition has been re-mastered from the original tapes. The deluxe media book package contains press clippings, lyrics, liner notes from Roger Chapman expert Pete Feenstra, and official promo text and photos.
In addition to the alternate versions of album tracks, rarities on CD2 include two songs from the original recording sessions, plus cover versions and an extremely rare demo version of the song Talk To Me Now. 

CD 1:

1. Midnite Child (3:49)
2. Moth To A Flame (4:57)
3. Keep Forgettin' (4:21)
4. Shape Of Things (3:49)
5. Face Of Stone (4:04)
6. Who Pulled The Nite Down (3:48)
7. Always Gotta Pay In The End (4:25)
8. Hang On To A Dream (3:35)
9. Pills (4:29)
10. Don't Give Up (7:03)
CD 2:
1. Let's Spend The Night Together (3:27)
2. Third Rate Romance (Original Album Session Track) (3:38)
3. Higher Ground (Original Album Session Track) (4:55)
4. Always Gotta Pay In The End (Alternate Version) (4:31)
5. Who Pulled The Nite Down (Alternate Version) (3:44)
6. Pills (Alternate Version) (4:36)
7. Moth To A Flame (Alternate Version) (5:01)
8. Keep Forgettin' (Alternate Version) (4:02)
9. Don't Give Up (Alternate Version) (9:40)
10. Talk To Me Now (Demo) (3:33)