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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Rick Wakeman
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Rick Wakeman cd dvd Access All Areas

Rick Wakeman filmed in concert in 1990 on cd and dvd (pal, region 0). 

Deluxe package includes extended notes, new interviews, photographs and memorabilia.
This is a 2015 repackaging of a Wakeman UK television performance and features a 19 minute version of Journey To The Centre Of The Earth plus two tracks from The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, including an epic rendition of Anne Boleyn.
We have a few copies available at a bargain price.


1. Catherine Parr 7:17
2. Elizabethan Rock / Make Me A Woman 8:51
3. Anne Boleyn 12:44
4. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 18:54
5. Merlin The Magician 7:56