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Format: cd
Artist: Rhys Marsh
CatNo: AR018CD
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Sentiment Rhys Marsh cd The Autumn Ghost Autumnsongs
The debut solo album of Rhys Marsh, the voice of The Autumn Ghost & Kaukasus.
A dense album, awash with thick atmospheres and intense dynamics, both musically and lyrically, Sentiment is the most personal statement of Marsh's career to date.
Following the success of Kaukasus' debut album, Marsh has sustained a similar mood to the band's while bringing its dark atmospheres into a more song-based setting - combining a comparable intensity with more conventional structures, leading to captivating and unexpected results.
The album was written, performed and recorded by Marsh over a two year period, in his own Autumnsongs Recording Studio. 
Sentiment features the singles The Seventh Face and Last November.
"Multi-instrumentalist invokes Scandinavian melancholy and the spirit of the 70s."- Prog Magazine
"Sentiment, Marsh's noisiest and darkest album so far, is also his best and most progressive work." - Norway Rock Magazine
1. Calling In The Night [3:25]
2. Burn The Brightest Day [3:29]
3. Pictures Of Ashes [3:50]
4. The Seventh Face [4:49]
5. The Ghost Ship [6:11]
6. In The Sand [3:49]
7. Last November [5:07]
8. Silver Light & Blackened Eyes [5:30]
9. Give Me (What You Need) [5:23]