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Artist: Regal Worm
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Regal Worm Use and Ornament CD


Regal Worm's debut release Use And Ornament is Jarrod Gosling's glorious love letter to Progressive Rock.
A culmination of months of work with dangerous vintage machinery (including his prized Mellotron M400) and even more dangerous collaborators, Use And Ornament is accessible, colourful and infinitely surprising, mixing prog, jazz, psychedelic and folk genres with enthusiasm and abandon.
Having made his mark with I Monster and Henry Fool, Regal Worm gives Gosling's warped imagination even more free reign to run riot with the laws of taste. The result? An ambitious and beautiful musical folly with few equals.
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1. Zinc Ferment
2. Cherish That Rubber Rodent
3. The Mardi Gras Turned Ugly In Seconds
4. Apple Witch
5. Morning Sentinel
6. Confession From A Deep And Warm Hibernaculum:
   i. Running, Hopping, Leaping
   ii. Nimbostratus
   iii. Sword Blades
   iv. Time And Circumstance (One Second Either Way)
7. Mud
8. 6:17PM - The Aunt Turns Into An Ant:
   i. Crunch time. Tea waste. Flagstone desert.
   ii. Narration #1
   iii. Six feet and under the table. Approaching terror.
   iv. Beset by centipedes. The well-timed rescue.
   v. Narration #2
   vi. Acceptance into the colony, on condition that eighteen score and ten aphids are ritually sacrificed. Refusal and escape.
   vii. Flagstone dessert (with cake crumbs). Ant alone.
   viii. Narration #3
   ix. My name is Silvius. Ant elopes. From ants to blackbirds and beyond.
   x. Each its hour.
9. Klara Till Slutet (Main Title Theme)