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Format: cd
Artist: Quanah Parker
CatNo: MPRCD068
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Quanah Parker Suite degli Animali Fantastici cd
Recently reformed 1980s Italian Progressives Quanah Parker (featuring Unfolk's Alessandro Monti) create modern 'progressive Italiano' at its best. 
In the style of Banco and Orme (with additional Genesis & ELP influences), the band's music represents a contemporary reimagining of the band's 1970s roots. Contains the nine part title track. 
This limited edition version of the CD comes in a gold laminated cover. 
1. From Distant Lands (3:55)
Suite degli Animali Fantastici:
2. Risveglio Onirico (2:49)
3. Danza di un mattino (6:35)
4. Interludio Notturno (0:57)
5. Deja-vu Fantastico (3:38)
6. Luci dagli Abissi (1:32)
7. Cantico Marino (4:04)
8. Animale Multiforme (4:30)
9. Ritorno alla Mente (3:47)
10. A Big Francesco (4:12)
11. Death of a Deer (9:36)
12. Make Me Smile (4:46)