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Format: CD
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: FIE9137X
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Peter Hammill all that might have been 3cd
A three CD box set edition of Peter Hammill's uniquely ambitious 2014 solo album
In addition to the cinematic, continuous play main album, the box set contains a 'songs' version and a 'retro' / instrumental works in progress version that offer very different perspectives on the work and music left off the main release.
Two 16-page booklets provide full lyrics for each version and an explanatory essay runs across the back of the three individual CD booklets. 
CD 1 - cine:
In overview
The last time
Never wanted
As for him
Nowhere special
Piper Smile
Wanted to belong
This might....
Inklings, darling
Be careful
Alien Clock
Drifting through
Washed up
Rumpled sheets
Can't get home
Washed away
Back road
The line goes dead
He turns away
CD 2 - songs:
Upon a Sixpence
Someday (the Piper Smile)
Vai Lentissimo
Disrespect (in Kabuki-cho)
An Outlier
The Whole Thing Through
Best Wishes
Passing Clouds
Not Going Anywhere
CD 3 - retro: