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Artist: Peter Green Splinter Group
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Splinter Group Peter Green cd
Released in 1997, Splinter Group was the first album guitar great Peter Green made after decades outside of the music industry. 
With the Splinter Group, featuring Cozy Powell, Nigel Watson and Neil Murray, this well-received set represented a welcome return for a lost hero. 
Two new studio tracks supplemented live recordings using the Fleetwood Mobile studio.
1. Hitch Hiking Woman
2. Travelling Riverside Blues
3. Look On Yonder Wall (live)
4. Homework
5. The Stumble (live)
6. Help Me
7. Watch Your Step
8. From 4 Till Late
9. Steady Rollin' Man (live)
10. It Takes Time (live)
11. Dark End Of The Street
12. Going Down