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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Pendragon
CatNo: SMALP1035
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Men Who Climb Mountains double Pendragon vinyl
The Madfish label vinyl edition of the 2014 Pendragon album.
Recorded at Thin Ice Studios, Men Who Climb Mountains is the band's tenth studio album and its first with new drummer Craig Blundell.
Pendragon's eclectic influences can be heard throughout MWCM. In Bardo posseses strong echoes of jazz-guitarists Al Di Meola and Pat Metheny, while Come Home Jack evokes the likes of David Gilmour, and Andy Latimer.
Pendragon's leading force Nick Barrett explains the conceptual idea behind the new album is one of people pushing themselves and learning more about themselves through times of adversity. The album's ethos is highlighted by the quote from polar explorer Ernest Shackleton in the booklet, 'We had seen God in His splendors, Heard the text that Nature renders, We had reached the naked soul of man.'
180g double black vinyl in a wide spine sleeve.
Side A:
1. Belle Ame [3:17]
2. Beautiful Soul [8:03]
3. Faces Of Light [5:49]
Side B:
1. Come Home Jack [10:51]
2. In Bardo [4:52]
Side C:
1. Faces Of Darkness [6:25]
2. For When The Zombies Come [7:33]
Side D:
1. Explorers Of The Infinite [11:09]
2. Netherworld [5:47]