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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Old
CatNo: VILELP556
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Formed in 2003 & subsequently signed to Darkthrone's Tyrant Syndicate Productions label, the debut album from OLD, 'Down with the Nails', was released in 2006, with nine devilhorn-raising anthems in the old-school tradition of bands such as Venom, Possessed, Slaughter, Sodom, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone.
The band, from the north of Hessen in Germany, quickly gained a cult following shortly after their formation after excellent feedback to their 2004 'Blood Skull' rehearsal tape, which fell into the clutches of Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. This was swiftly followed by the 'Nocturnal Ritual' EP, released by Undercover Records in 2005 before being signed to TSP, the Peaceville imprint label.
Recorded in 3 days at Toxomusic Studios, Germany and mixed by the band, 'Down with the Nails' is a perfect exercise in traditional black metal execution. No swirling majestic keyboards and over-polished production here, guaranteed! For fans of Darkthrone and Celtic Frost.
This edition of 'Down With the Nails' sees its vinyl debut and is presented on 180gm heavyweight vinyl.
1. Black Jewel Throne
2. Blood Skull
3. Lust in Red
4. Under the Sign of Death
5. Empire in Flames
1. A Knife
2. Triumph of Hell
3. Scream for Hell
4. Down with the Nails