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Artist: Nosound
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Formed in Italy in 2001, Giancarlo Erra's Nosound create a seductive and original fusion of elements of progressive, ambient and post rock.
Regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most interesting up and coming art rock bands in Europe, A Sense Of Loss is Nosound's follow up to 2008's  Lightdark and builds on its predecessor by introducing a more alternative post-rock element to Nosound's ever evolving sound.
Giancarlo describes the album as a "move from the classic 'rock' (or rock ambient) approach used in Lightdark to a more unique sound, with influences from more contemporary alt and post rock."
To create this sound the band used less synths (any that were used were almost all a strict selection of vintage synth sounds) and more real instruments including a string quartet, leading to "an even more emotional recording than Lightdark". 
Erra goes on to state, "The overall production and sound have moved to a more 'natural' overall sound, combined with some different sounds and approaches, a little far from Lightdark, but still distinctively Nosound (probably more now than before)."
The album was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Nosound Studio (Rome) by Giancarlo Erra. Additional production was by Paolo Martellacci, Gigi Zito, Alessandro Luci, Paolo Vigliarolo. Additional recordings made at PanPot Studio (Rome) by Gigi Zito and Diapason Studio (Rome) by Simone Satta.
This 2 disc edition of the album includes a DVD (PAL region 0) containing 5.1 surround and 24bit mixes of the album, video footage, picture gallery and more.
'Nosound has released another beautiful and impressive album. And although this is not 'happy' music, its unearthtly beauty makes A Sense Of Loss one of the finest releases of 2009. 9.5/10 - DPRP'
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Disc 1 - CD:
1. Some Warmth Into This Chill (7.55)
2. Fading Silently (8.27)
3. Tender Claim (8.07)
4. My Apology (5.41)
5. Constant Contrast (5.42)
6. Winter Will Come (15.39)
Disc 2 - DVD (PAL region 0):
5.1 surround and 24bit mixes of the album, video footage, picture gallery and more.