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Format: cd
Artist: No-Man
CatNo: KSCOPE269
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Wild Opera, No-Man's third album, released in 1996, is regarded as the most inventive and unpredictable album in the band's catalogue. 
Rapidly shifting from distorted grooves to sinister, Jazz-inflected Trip-Hop and from choked Rock riffs to more traditional ballad fare, Wild Opera represented a thrilling departure for the band and has since become seen as a classic one-of-a-kind statement of uncompromising creative intent.
The Kscope double cd remaster additionally includes all of the Dry Cleaning Ray mini-album, alongside b-sides and exclusive rarities from the era, including four previously unreleased tracks.
The booklet features an essay from Mixtaped/Returning director, Richard Smith. 
Jewel case version.
This was previously Kscope149, the current catalogue number is Kscope269


CD1 - Wild Opera: 
1. radiant city (3.31) 
2. pretty genius (3.51) 
3. infant phenomenon (3.21) 
4. sinister jazz (4.18) 
5. housewives hooked on heroin (4.39) 
6. libertine libretto (3.20) 
7. taste my dream (6.09) 
8. dry cleaning ray (3.26) 
9. sheeploop (4.01) 
10. my rival trevor (4.20) 
11. time travel in texas (4.24) 
12. my revenge on seattle (4.42) 
13. (silence) (2.00) 
-hidden track- 
14. wild opera (3.06) 
CD2 - Dry Cleaning Ray plus: 
1. dry cleaning ray (remix edit) (2.53) 
2. sweetside silver night (4.02) 
3. jack the sax (4.17) 
4. diet mothers (4.56) 
5. urban disco (3.17) 
6. punished for being born (2.18) 
7. kightlinger (2.44) 
8. evelyn (song of slurs) (4.04) 
9. sicknote (8.57) 
Bonus Tracks: 
10. hit the ceiling 
11. where i'm calling from 
12. housewives hooked on heroin (alternate version) 
13. my rival trevor (alternate version) 
14. time travel in texas (radio session) 
15. pretty genius (radio session)